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Ocean’s Serenade: A Ocean Poem

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Beneath the azure sky, where seagulls soar,
A canvas of wonder, the Ocean’s floor,
A symphony of waves, a tale untold,
In every ripple, a story of old.

Oh, Ocean vast, your waters deep,
A cradle of life, where secrets keep,
In your embrace, a timeless rhyme,
A melody echoing through all of time.

In the morning light, you gleam like gold,
A symphony of colors, a sight to behold,
With every sunrise, you’re born anew,
A dance with the heavens, forever in view.

In twilight’s embrace, you paint the night,
A symphony of stars, a celestial sight,
In the moon’s glow, you come alive,
A ballet of shadows, where dreams thrive.

You carry the whispers of sailors brave,
A symphony of voyages, across the wave,
Their hearts find solace in your vastness,
Their songs echo in your endlessness.

Oh, Ocean deep, your creatures unseen,
A symphony of life, where wonders convene,
From the graceful dance of a dolphin’s play,
To the mysterious depths, where sea monsters sway.

Your shores embrace both sand and stone,
A symphony of landscapes, carved and honed,
In your sandy beaches, children play,
In the rocky cliffs, seabirds sway.

Yet, beneath the beauty, a caution lies,
A symphony of warnings, in troubled skies,
For in your power, both gentle and grand,
Lies a reminder of Nature’s command.

Oh, Ocean’s heart, we stand in awe,
A symphony of reverence, in love we draw,
With every breath, you give us life,
A symphony of gratitude, in oceans rife.

In your embrace, we find our place,
A symphony of belonging, an eternal embrace,
From shore to horizon, we’re woven in song,
In the Ocean’s serenade, we truly belong.

Poem PodLast Seen: Nov 25, 2023 @ 5:26am 5NovUTC

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