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Symphony of the Deep

16th October 2023 | 9 Views

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In the vast expanse where horizon meets sky,
A world of wonders, where seagulls fly,
A boundless blue realm, where dreams sail free,
A symphony of emotions, the heart and sea.

Oh, mighty Ocean, your depths conceal,
Secrets untold, tales that surreal,
Your rhythmic waves, a timeless rhyme,
Whispering echoes of ancient time.

Beneath the moon’s tender, silvery light,
Your waters dance, a celestial sight,
In lullabies of the night, you croon,
A soothing melody, beneath the moon.

In storms that rage, your fury roars,
A symphony of power, on distant shores,
Yet, in your chaos, lies beauty untamed,
A reminder that Nature can’t be tamed.

Oh, Ocean, you cradle life’s embrace,
In your watery womb, a myriad of grace,
From the tiniest fish to the giants grand,
Your depths hold mysteries, vast and unplanned.

You carry the stories of sailors bold,
Whose destinies, with you, they enfold,
Their dreams and hopes, on your horizon ride,
A testament to courage, and to pride.

But beneath the surface, a heartache dwells,
Where plastic waste floats, like tolling bells,
Oh, Ocean, we pledge, to mend our ways,
To protect your bounty, through all our days.

Your shores, they embrace the golden sands,
Where lovers stroll, hand in hand,
Your foamy kiss, on a summer’s day,
Is a memory that won’t fade away.

In tranquil moments, you mirror the sky,
A reflection of heaven, way up high,
And in your depths, a peace is found,
Where serenity and wonder abound.

Oh, Ocean, your vastness humbles me,
A reminder of life’s grand decree,
In your embrace, I find solace and peace,
As your waves gently lull, all worries cease.

A symphony of emotions, the heart and sea,
Oh, mighty Ocean, you hold the key,
To dreams and hopes, to love and grace,
In your embrace, I find my place.

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