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Celestial Symphony

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In Nature’s celestial symphony, the stars align,
A cosmic masterpiece, where wonders entwine,
A harmony of galaxies, both near and far,
Her ethereal cadence, like a shining star.

Amongst the mountains, the earth’s backbone,
A symphony of heights, where dreams are sown,
With rugged peaks, they touch the sky,
Nature’s majestic concerto, soaring high.

Beside the rivers, the waters serenade,
A symphony of flow, a liquid cascade,
From meandering streams to the ocean’s roar,
Nature’s flowing melody, a timeless score.

In meadows, wildflowers bloom and bloom,
A symphony of colors, in Nature’s room,
Each petal a note in her floral tune,
Her artistic sonata, under the moon.

Within the forests, a sanctuary of life,
A symphony of secrets, free from strife,
With rustling leaves and creatures’ song,
Nature’s enchanting nocturne, all along.

The oceans vast, a symphony untamed,
A dance of tides, by the moon inflamed,
From tranquil whispers to tempestuous might,
Nature’s captivating aria, day and night.

In every creature, a role to fulfill,
A symphony of existence, a grand thrill,
From soaring eagles to tiny bees,
Her diverse ensemble, a symphonic spree.

So let us gaze upon the celestial art,
Nature’s symphony, a treasure to impart,
For in her cosmic sonnet, we find our grace,
A celestial symphony, a celestial embrace.

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