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Ephemeral Duet

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In Nature’s fleeting duet, a tale unfolds,

A dance of life, as wonders behold,

A transient symphony, ever in flight,

Her ethereal melodies, a pure delight.

Beside the rivers, the waters cascade,

A transient duet, as currents evade,

From babbling streams to rapids’ roar,

Nature’s fluid harmony, forevermore.

In meadows, wildflowers bloom and sway,

A transient duet, in colors at play,

Each petal a verse, sung by the breeze,

Nature’s ephemeral serenade, to appease.

Within the forests, secrets abide,

A transient duet, where creatures reside,

With rustling leaves and songs of birds,

Nature’s evanescent ballad, her words.

The oceans vast, a symphony profound,

A transient duet, waves crash and rebound,

From gentle caresses to tempestuous squalls,

Nature’s evanescent opera, she enthralls.

In every creature, a melody to tell,

A transient duet, a story to dwell,

From nightingales’ trill to the wolf’s cry,

Nature’s fleeting sonata, adrift in the sky.

So let us cherish this transient grace,

Nature’s fleeting duet, a celestial embrace,

For in her symphony, we find our place,

A fleeting duet, love’s ephemeral trace.

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