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Nature Poem #-6: Symphony of Seasons

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In Nature’s grand symphony, a tale’s unfurled,

A harmonious dance, as seasons are twirled,

A timeless opus, where melodies meet,

A masterpiece of change, both gentle and fleet.

As springtime awakens, a new song begins,

A symphony of blossoms, where life transcends,

With fragrant notes, the flowers bloom,

Nature’s sweet refrain, dispelling gloom.

The summer sun conducts a vibrant score,

A symphony of warmth, we all adore,

With golden rays, the world’s ablaze,

A time of growth, in Nature’s praise.

As autumn arrives, a mellow tune plays,

A symphony of colors, a grand array,

Leaves dance and swirl, in the gentle breeze,

Nature’s artistry, amidst the trees.

The winter’s hush brings a calm reprieve,

A symphony of stillness, as snowflakes weave,

With glistening white, the world transforms,

Nature’s quiet cadence, her grace reforms.

In every scene, a story unfolds,

A symphony of life, as time beholds,

From mountains high to oceans wide,

Nature’s symphony, in every stride.

So let us cherish this symphony grand,

Nature’s gift, a treasure in our hand,

In every season, her magic’s found,

A symphony of life, forever profound.

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