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Nature Poem #-5: Whispers of the Earth

16th October 2023 | 5 Views

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Beneath the sun’s warm embrace, a world awakes,

Nature’s symphony of life, every note it takes,

A ballet of seasons, a graceful sway,

Whispers of the Earth, in dusk and day.

In the embrace of mountains, dreams reside,

Their peaks reach for the heavens, with pride,

A symphony of heights, where eagles soar,

With ancient wisdom, they forever explore.

Beside the rivers, a dance of streams,

A symphony of currents, flowing in dreams,

Through valleys and meadows, they serenade,

In harmonious union, life’s stories cascade.

In meadows adorned with blossoms fair,

A tapestry of colors, woven with care,

A symphony of scents, enchanting and sweet,

In Nature’s embrace, our senses meet.

Within the forests, secrets confide,

A symphony of rustling leaves, amplified,

From whispering pines to the oaks so old,

In their shelter, our spirits find gold.

The oceans vast, a realm untamed,

A symphony of waves, with power untamed,

From gentle ripples to tempestuous might,

They echo Nature’s rhythm, day and night.

In every creature, a tale unfurls,

A symphony of life, each one whirls,

From buzzing bees to the noble deer,

In Nature’s grand opus, all are sincere.

So let us cherish this masterpiece divine,

Nature’s gift, a celestial design,

For in her whispers, we find our worth,

A symphony of life, a dance of rebirth.

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