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Nature Poem #-4: Celestial Ode to Nature

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Amidst the celestial canvas above,

Nature weaves a tapestry of love,

A symphony of wonder, a cosmic dance,

Her melodies of life, a timeless trance.

The mountains rise, with peaks so high,

In majestic splendor, they touch the sky,

A symphony of majesty, they stand tall,

Guarding the earth like a towering wall.

Beside the rivers, the waters glide,

A serenade of streams, a tranquil glide,

A symphony of flow, they weave and blend,

From mountains to seas, their journey never ends.

In meadows adorned with blossoms fair,

A painter’s palette, beyond compare,

A symphony of colors, vibrant and bright,

A dance of petals, in the golden light.

Within the forests, secrets unfold,

A sanctuary of stories, ages old,

A symphony of whispers, the trees impart,

A hymn of wisdom from each beating heart.

The oceans vast, a world unknown,

Their depths conceal treasures yet unshown,

A symphony of waves, a rhythmic trance,

In harmony with the moon’s sweet dance.

In creatures big and small, the wild array,

A diverse chorus, in Nature’s ballet,

A symphony of life, each note unique,

From gentle cooing to the lion’s mighty shriek.

So let us listen, with awe and delight,

To Nature’s symphony, both day and night,

For in her grand opus, we find our place,

A celestial ode to her boundless grace.

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