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Nature Poem #-3: Whispers of the Earth

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In Nature’s cathedral, whispers abide,

A symphony of life, where spirits reside,

Beneath the canopy of stars above,

Her poetry of wonder, an ode to love.

The mountains stand like guardians tall,

Their craggy peaks, a timeless call,

They teach us strength, resilience, and might,

A symphony of courage, a glorious sight.

Beside the rivers, life ebbs and flows,

A gentle rhythm, a song that grows,

Their babbling melody, a calming sound,

A symphony of peace, where peace is found.

In meadows, wildflowers sway and play,

A rainbow of colors, they brighten the day,

Their fragrant verses, a balm for the soul,

A symphony of beauty, making us whole.

Within the forests, mysteries reside,

Where ancient trees their wisdom provide,

Their whispering leaves, a sacred verse,

A symphony of secrets, blessings to disperse.

The oceans vast, a world of their own,

A symphony of depths, a realm unknown,

With crashing waves and rhythmic tides,

Nature’s heart beats, an endless ride.

In every creature, big and small,

Nature’s creation, the grandest hall,

From buzzing bees to soaring birds,

A symphony of life, in harmonious words.

So let us cherish this masterpiece,

Nature’s gift, a boundless feast,

For in her whispers, we find our worth,

A symphony of existence, a miracle’s birth.

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