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We live in a society that has so much to offer but in a distinguish way, there always remains difference between blue and pink. No matter how far we evolve or how modernization gets into our vein, there will always be difference in how we perceive things as a Society. Society defines it all, all includes all, everything we do, everything we choose, every decision we take about our own lives and this goes on like this forever, afterall this is coming from ages and will continue till ages. That is how life is unfair and insensitive but we need to survive despite of all the challenges we face, we still need to survive like a warrior every day.

Often we talk about equality and giving equal rights to male, female and LGBTQ community but does this so called equality actually exist? We know the answer, we know what truth is and how ridiculous we are as a Society. There still exist major portion of society which does not accept LGBTQ community irrespective of what Law says, this community is still target of humiliation and shame, it does not matter how amazing they might have been doing in there lives or careers, does not matter how cool they are as an individual, all that matters is what there sexuality is and that is exactly how they are treated in every phase of life. We all agree, life is not easy for these innocent individuals and they continue to suffer for there whole life. Life is no less than a Nightmare for them if they do not belong to elite class or born with golden spoon.

Same continues with Females, i still do not understand why we promote Marriages in society where women are not respected and there dignity carries no value. Irrespective of how financial independent and educated our daughter is, we still consider our daughters as week and thus look for prospective groom for them, a major portion of society still treats women as a object to satisfy sexual desires and nothing more than that. This mindset needs to be changed and sooner the better.

We need to understand that they way we perceive things as a society is how we impact the lives of others, lets join hands to atleast avoid being a Nightmare in someone’s life.

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