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In the vast expanse of midnight skies,
Amidst celestial tapestries that rise,
A beacon shines, a guiding light afar,
My solace found in the twinkle of My Star.

Its radiance softens the darkest night,
A gentle glow, a lover’s sweet delight,
Through trials and triumphs, it’s always there,
A constant presence, steadfast and rare.

Each night, I look up to the heavens above,
Seeking solace in the embrace of love,
For in that glimmer, I find my way,
As My Star whispers, “Fear not, come what may.”

Through stormy tempests and thunder’s roar,
When life’s challenges knock on my door,
My Star guides me with a tender grace,
Its luminous smile, a warm embrace.

In times when dreams seem far away,
My Star’s light sparks hope, come what may,
It teaches me to rise and dream anew,
To chase the impossible, to dare and pursue.

Oh, My Star, your silent symphony,
Plays in my heart with sweet harmony,
A guide, a friend, a soul’s companion,
You shine with love’s celestial passion.

Through the ebb and flow of life’s grand dance,
I’ll cherish My Star’s guiding glance,
For as long as the universe remains,
My Star forever in my heart remains.

Hilarius MaiongLast Seen: Aug 10, 2023 @ 9:26pm 21AugUTC

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