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Shackle my wolf

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When you have a wolf inside you and you know that if you release it, it will eat everything and everything
You do not want to release him, because his feet are shackled with steel shackles, and if you release him with his shackles, he will be an easy prey for every fox.
Keep it in a cool place
a secluded place
A place away from his clan, far from his life
You just want to save him, calm him down and push him to just use his mind
Until the time comes
Right time
Revenge time
The date of your union and mingling with it, so that the heads of foxes fill the earth and your howls fill the sky.
Injects him with the patience of Ayoub until his handcuffs melt.
We have a meeting, we have a date, to fill the earth with the power of truth with spears and fangs.

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