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Chemical Reaction at Equilibrium -LCP

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Le Chatelier’s Principle (LCP)


Son:All chemical reactions(CRs)

Do not  go linearly!

Do you know that mom!?


Mom: Some times directly do not,

Combine Reactants to produce desired product .

Yes ,I understood this fact,

from my dear science teacher .


Son :Reactants do combine ,my mom!

And settle at their equilibrium,

Reactions work both ways,
Products to reactants,
And reactants to products,

Where present is certain amount ,

Of reactants and products at any time.


Mom: Due to external parameters, variations ,

Like Temperature(T),Pressure (P) and concenteration ,

CR at equilibrium gets disturbed sometime;

LCP guides CR at equilibrium,

To act in such a way so as to  keeps its ,

Equilibrium constant  Keq, constant immortal every time.


Son: Oh yes! LCP  is principle that serves guide lines,

For how will adjust a chemical reaction –fine,

With the equilibrium thrown off balance at time.


Mom: ,  My son, LCP can be represented ,

like, A-diwali lamp , diya earthen.


Son :Yes I know that mom!

Earthen lamps light, remains steady and still;

And make new equilibrium  every time ,

When  external change like T,

And P comes in their way,

To eliminate darkness in the world,

And show  light to every one,

To see free and calm nature.


Mom:In a way LCP-is guide line/light ,

Like an Earthen diya light,

For millions CR/passerby it’s a guide,

Every time showing, life leans toward stability,

Even if  we are in fearful time.


Dr.Sukarma Rani Thareja, Kanpur, India

 (Poem written as a teaching aid to students)



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