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Cover Image 3I am woman scientist empowered,
I move through nation to nation  attending,
Webinars- scientific conferences

Working in science labs,
for long hours is my first passion.
I remember how immature spirit I was,
but now with scientific work experience,
I have fetched  wisdom.
How firmly with lot of confidence,
I speak and present experimental,
results of my group science projects,
without doubt and hesitations.
Life I lead is my own creation.

Now to some extent I understand,
scientific field research work culture,
how much I have to chase personal or scientific dreams.
How to collaborate in different scientific projects, up to what extent?
News of my scientific project funding money makes,
me more happy than my personal money.

I have a strong and generous heart,
my inner scientific aptitude beauty makes me stand  apart,
I have risen from ashes and soared to,
Scientific world, a new plane.

My senses for science field have now heightened,
I can see every science project goal clear and crispy,
I wish to invent new  technology,
so that ordinary  woman comfort  rise to infinity,
my personal joys will then be merged,
with joys of my scientific findings.

In scientific life I have tasted bitter loneliness,
yet went forward and did experiment again single handily,
I have overcome personal family adversity,
and pushed past my  heartaches,
and filled them with joys of science colours of my lab.

Written by Sukarma Thareja, Alumnus  IIT-K-1986, India

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Sukarma Thareja


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