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Confining not to mono discipline pure/applied Chemistry,

But to be scientist first is to be a Chemist.

Doing chemical analysis,

Classical and instrumental,

Quantitative- gravimetric/volumetric,

Qualitative-detection /characterisation

Of ions/ group functional,

Is to be a Chemist.

Creating or synthesizing new substance,

Determining what is in a new substance,

How much of new substance,

In a substance, is to be a Chemist.

Swimming in pool of equations,

Using mathematics and computers,

To create new model of chemical/life systems,

For testing new theories, is to be a Chemist.

Measuring properties of new pollutants,

For keeping good quality of air and water in environment,

For preserving our heritage from chemical pollution,

By measuring in atmosphere-producing pollutants,

New chemical reaction rate, is to be a Chemist.

Chemist is to Chemistry/Science,

Working as educator and teaching life/ physical,

Science and conducting research with mental ability,

And having prized skill like sense of humour and creativity,

Is to be a Chemist.

To be inspired from scientist making breakthrough in science,

Cherishing crowned scientific achievements,

With helping attitude, progressing fearlessly,

In executing scientific ideas, is to be a Chemist.

Making possibilities in probabilities,

By giving leadership with true font,

Of chemical/scientific inspiration,

Where an individual feels responsibility,

Of planned scientific research result providing stability,

Progressing along–unplanned research–discovery,

Is to be a Chemist.

Originally published Aug. 30th, 2019 in Utopia Science Fiction’s first publication

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