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Ah ha!moments-Research Scientist

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 In India curry powder is used in making,

Distinct exotic curry for different dishes,

I prepare this curry powder at home,

I grind roasted curry leaves, roasted garlic which has bitter and nutty taste,

Split roasted black grams , dietary fiber- roasted sesame seeds which are high in protein,

Vitamin B1 source of phosphorous, iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper and zinc

Roasted red whole chilly,

Roasted cumin which has warm earthy flavor and aroma with bit of both sweetness and bitterness Roasted peanut,

Roasted Ginger which produces a warming and fiery taste peppery taste,

Compound Gingerol present in it, create hot Sensation in it together,

 while working with students in lab,

I suddenly thought about curry powder wonders!!

Every spice present in it has a unique flavor, taste and aroma,

Some are tangy, zesty, sour or fruity salty,

Few are bitter, hot, sweet or nutty!

Each spice has special quality of giving benefit to health.

Suddenly from my sub conscious mind I got ah ha! moments in lab,

Oh! I see like these spices present in curry powder,

 Students in my research science lab too are varied,

With distinct traits, some are calm, a few always worried! Some courageous,

When they follow their goals with passion they sometime,

Get roasted grounded and put to test by different circumstances,

They emerge out to be gold the best!.

Like different spices present in curry powder they have different aroma of leadership,

Scientific temperament cooperation, hardworking capacity and entrepreneurship ability,

Spreading aroma of their talent all around with their hard work and good management,

Filling joy, energy, pleasantness and happiness where they surround!

When these brilliant minds just as different spices are ground together like in curry powder,

They emit a fragrance so exotic and discrete altogether,

Students who have talents rare and diverse, and scientific brains,

Worked in science research lab, when merge as one,

For national and international goals,

To reduce sufferings of humanity,

  Build beautiful strong nation -Universe!!

These ah ha! moments made me remember my all wonderful students,

I could not believe my photographic memory at this stage of my life,

These ah ha! moments are my infinite gratitude

Towards my motherland ,students and research lab,

They  fill my heart with highest spirit of serving my nation.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IIT K-1986


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Sukarma Thareja


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