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Oh cactus! when was the last time he smiled brightly?  

Sirocco in foul mod , bashes thing in his path , but 

Cactus opens his arm , whispers embraces his anger and smirks. 

Cactus had divine thorns that forces Sirocco to consume draw, never take him lightly. 

Out of shame , he curses the cactus , and no wave, no gaze, no sorry or thank you by others.

Cactus looks around with dry eyes, no tears , no joy , no proud look also no shadow beside. 

Rusty bones, shattered hearts, decaying hope, scavengers pass by , leaving dumping only shattered bones beside. 

Haboob covers the area at night surrounding a pretty lady, cactus feel shy, blush and love at first sight. 

She is the queen of night, told by Haboob , he asks for the way , to have her within her sight. 

To bloom a beautiful flower most unique , precious than diamond should be special bright. 

He nods and agrees to bring a flower for her love, but a war starts of nature, changing plans. 

After harsh battle , with heavy wounds beside and seeing demise of his friends after donkey years he blooms a flower. 

By dawn, it shines brighter than Sun but he plucks for himself, he dreams of her love that never happened. 

Tears dont come nor blood drops as he never sees her love only to be with decaying bones beside. 

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