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Simon Sinek Is Right With Thoughts On Apple

Akarshit MahajanLast Seen: Feb 27, 2024 @ 2:56pm 14FebUTC
Akarshit Mahajan

16th October 2023 | 110 Views
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#Apple the comapny that we all know as a company that sells over expensive products is said to be a great company working to make great products by #SimonSinek

They follow Simon Sinek’s #GoldenCircle, and have a believe to make great consumer experience. Yes they have expensive products. 

But they are generous also, when it come to User Experience. #SuperSaf a famous Tech Youtuber shared his experience.

They have just one goal a great consumer experience, and unlike most customer services where customer would have to fight for it, and then after customer service would take many approvals, but their is a reason why Simon Sinek likes Apple, where they do anything for better User Experience.

You may say that the reason that customer went to Apple was those batteries. I personally can tell that after batteries loose their power, you face a lot of random reboots, it was great on Apple’s end.

You may like or dislike Apple, but you cannot disagree that they have the best consumer experience, and have a single believe, that Simon Sinek tells.
Simon Sinek On Apple

And see them as a company, they gave the person a whole iPhone 6. It was a net loss for Apple’s end, and the customer was not even asking Apple to suffer.

The customer had taken out £25 for it, when a customer service agent pit it back in his pocket, without asking for any approval.

In any other company even for discount on Replacement you would need to have headache from your boss. That is not the case here with Apple.

As Simon Sinek says they have extended their circle of safety to their end employees. 

Simon Sinek has told about some Great principles that companies like Apple, #Starbucks and #HarleyDavidson have in common

Akarshit MahajanLast Seen: Feb 27, 2024 @ 2:56pm 14FebUTC

Akarshit Mahajan



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