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Khevan Chandna

We all have dreamed of having a PC setup or our own man cave, haven’t we !! . So, here i am boys and girls to bring your imagination as a real thing in your life .

Let me give u a liite info. about what is behind this stuff. I am gonna have different  budget categories. Remember these are full PC setups.

  1. 20k-30k INR
  2. 35k-45k INR
  3. This is some ballin stuff if you are going for 50k and above
  4. 75k and above is all you need to survive a zombie crisis , if something worse happens than this zombie thing ,…hmmm will let you know.

As you Plan your budget you will , How:to:invest: and How:much:to:



Guys i can’t promise daily updates , but hey weekly are still good .

It’s good to have patience for good stuff…

Khevan ChandnaOffline

Khevan Chandna


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