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Sakshi YadavLast Seen: Aug 6, 2023 @ 11:05am 11AugUTC
Sakshi Yadav

After all is done and spoken.

after all that’s whole is broken.

little remains.nothing sticks:

there’s nothing really left to fix.

We human beings are known as a rare species. We go through many peaks and troughs, we sometimes cherrish a moment and sometimes blame it if it doesn’t meet our expectations. But sometimes , we make them stuck in our mind consciously bcz we think this is the way to keep ourselves delighted but trust me, IT IS NOT!!! NOT EVERY TIME.

The quote “It’s not the goodbye that hurts but the flashbacks that follow” is certainly working as one for me which got stuck in my mind but I’m not sure either consciously or subconsciously in my mind? Although, I had read this quote once or twice before but apprehended just a few days back.

Why does it seem so easy to say hello to someone but it takes away our entire world sometimes when we come to say goodbye to someone (that special one)? It is not that nobody loves goodbyes, it all depends who you are saying goodbye to, if that person is really very close to your heart, and then it can surely be a painful one. Because sometimes, goodbyes can be a feeling that comes right from your deepest conscience.

when goodbyes come to an end, we try to hold on as much as we can because sometimes life brings us loads of memories and blesses us to live those memories like a dream and once those memories become special. 

It hurts because we know that the day will hardly come when we’ll able to build those sweet memories again together, talk or meet that person again. I know every relationship undergo different issues at some phase despite that we all share a special kind of bond with that one person in our life.

So try to make every year, every month, every day, every hour, every minute, every goddamn second worthy enough to not regret afterwards. Say whatever is in your mind, no matter what u feel just admit it to the other person with whom you feel things, you feel happy in a way you never thought of feeling. 

Because we human beings are really very strange creatures, we forget to tell so many things to someone or maybe do not tell them knowingly, and when that person goes far away from us, we regret the things which we should have said to them despite any consequences.


Thanks for watching!

Stay happy!!

Sakshi YadavLast Seen: Aug 6, 2023 @ 11:05am 11AugUTC

Sakshi Yadav


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