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END OF CHILDHOOD: Kissanime And Kissmanga Are Being Shutdown!!!

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World of anime is not as unknown as it used to be a decade ago.

Every day, viewers and fans of anime are considerably increasing. However, the demand for manga and anime sometimes exceeds the limit of the officially available ones. When official websites fail to deliver the content on time viewers shift to illegal and pirate sites.

KISSANIME.RU WAS ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS PIRATE SITE FOR WATCHING ANIME AND READING MANGA.  However, a post by Kissanime’s reddit channel has left everyone heartbroken. 

Kiss Anime

Kissanime announced that Kissanime and Kissmanga will be shutdown due to copyright owners taking down the data.

KissAnime had been operating for years, and it had amassed quite some traffic. The sole reason behind the constant traffic was the free availability of a vast anime selection.

Other websites like Anime heaven, Gogoanime etc are still running but shadow of doubt looms over them.

Other legal sites like Crunchyroll are also present but sometimes popular articles are not available on them.

According to the new copyright laws, both users and operators of pirating websites will be heavily fined; other measures will be taken as well. This new law will be implemented starting in January 2021. 

The anime industry in Japan is crumbling as we speak, mainly due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The only way for creators and distributors to survive through this is by strictly adhering to the copyright laws and hunting down any illegal distributors. 

Anime content distributors are already thinking of releasing their content on a single YouTube channel for free. Although it is a plan which needs patience on the part of fans, it is our only ray of hope.

Kissanime was an illegal site but still it was our favourite. 


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