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It has been reported that a clash at Elante mall, that is 2 men started fighting against each other. The Elante Mall in Chandigarh is a very big mall receiving a lot of tourists every day. But tge incident which took place outside Elante Mall between two guys has astonished everyone. This has been a serious case, as followed: It has been reported that two people took the valet parking service in the mall. The parking attendent said them to give the charge of Rs200 after coming out of the mall. They both came out of the Elante Mall after 2 hours, but one of them was arguing on paying the amount of only Rs150. He kept on arguing. Both started with a misconception with each other.

A few minutes later, the two started thrashing the parking attendant. When other security guards and attendants tried to intervene, the accused assaulted them too.

Many tourists present their tried to make the videos of the clash at the Elante Mall. These videos were uploaded on Youtube and have got viral. In the video, we are clearly able to see both fighting and punching each other. One of them also hit the employee with a traffic cone. Cops suddenly reached their from Industrial Area Phase-1. The police refused to take any action against them as they got the car registered with the name ‘Z.P. Khan’. They were accussed to say that they did not receive any complaint from security guards, because both of them were carried away till the police reached there. Here is the clash at Elante Mall video:

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