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Keywords: Your Key To Success In SEO

Keyword… Ever heard that name before? Well if you are amongst people who want to have good #traffic you should use it. #Keywords are words that are being stressed up over in your post, using keywords ensures that these reach your audience. Keywords can be simply highlighted or bold words or headings and even #MetaKeywords. Now one thing important to note is that it is unclear that how much stress does a search engine give on a definate type of keyword. Google has said that it does not give stress on Meta Keywords but we believe that meta keywords exist for this purpose and definetely have a impact. Also it is difficult for #Google to go through whole of the post and check for them whereas it is easy to simply search for meta tags. Though either way we will discuss both. Let’s understand Keyword with example when searching ‘John’ it may give you many ‘Johns’ but searching ‘John Paul’ may give you less results when searched and ‘John Paul New Jersey’ will have even lesser results. Lesser results mean lesser competition and more chance of your article getting ranked.

Simple Keywords

For the sake of transparency lets discuss first #SimpleKeywords, that exist in a post. These keywords are just bold highlighted words or headings. Now one thing to note is that a keyword like for example ‘Google’ may not rank but ‘Google Search Engine Keywords Algorithm’ might show your post. A longer keyword which technically is not a word and is a sentence, makes you make specific and is usally the one with lesser competition.

Meta Keywords

$MetaKeywords are that can be added by HTML. These are not visible and are are for sole purpose of browser readings. To put up the code it isIn this simple sytax we tell that these are meta which means browser specific then we tell that the meta be want to add is a keyword so name is keyword then we tell what keywords we want to add which are abcd in this case, you can replace it with your keywords you can seprate 2 keywords by comma and you can use space in between, for example if your 2 keywords are ‘Elon Musk’ and ”Tesla Roadster’ syntax is:If you want you can check out our complete optimization guide that covers various aspects like IFTTT, CDN, Plugins etc. Check out the Optimization Guide The above 2 methods may or may not affect you ranks, Google has refused to answer about it. Though if something like this exists then their would definetely be some purpose. We recommend using both for we are optimistic about reason of their existence.

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