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Macbook: Won’t Have Butterflies Irritating You Anymore

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$Apple is 2015, for its quest to make $macbooks thinner and thinner iterated the mechanism for working of $keys. They wanted to make keys really thin, and the thinness won’t allow traditional scissor keys to work, with it and as a result Apple introfuced new #ButterflyStyleKeys. The keyboard was technically better, but soon was greated with issues regarding functioning, due to dust. Apple refused to admit fault in keyboard, though they gave strict guidelines to keep #mac at 75 degree angle and spray air right to left. Else keyboard stopped working due to dust. Apple has been facing criticizm for same, though in the recently released Macs, Apple quitely added a layer of coating below buttons of the new Mac to keep dust away, and as always they also got it #patented. The #silicon covering at present seems to be perfect solution for dust, and we would get to know about any issues only after uses. These new leyboards what Apple calls their 3rd generation keyboard, is expected to be more quiter also, making a better costilumer experience. Apple though at present has corrected the problem, that it never #admitted to have done. Apple has disagreed with these issues and will continue to do so for the sake of sale. Apple at present is selling second generation keyboards in non #TouchBar Macs. Saying that they had faulty keyboard will lead to lesser sales for them, and overall bad market response for their Macs. Though that does not really matter, because, you can correct a mistake only when it existed, and calling it a improvement is a pure lie. It is certain that their existed some fault, though it may be that Apple might really not know to what extent dust could hamper keys. At present we believe the New butterfly keys on Mac will prevent you from dust, and unresponsive keys, with overall good consumer experience for the end user only.  

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