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What is A CDN for Website | Explained

CDN or a Content Delivery Network is a easy method to make your website really fast, a CDN is basically a network of servers, that route your content via their servers for easy and fast delivery. Basically most of websites have their servers located in US or Europe, this makes their visitors from other continents not relieve that great experience for they are far from server. Here comes role of CDN, which has many servers at many destinations. Your data remains as it is, and website goes down for less few seconds in transition period, everything else remains normal We use Cloudflare CDN, it is fremium, and the free version is really great, though it is recommended to use any premium plan. The fremium bersion has many features like brotli compression, minifying CSS, JavaScript and HTML, it can even add caching to your website, it can give a free SSL shared certificate, which can make your website secure and use HTTPS rather than HTTP. To get started with any CDN, the first step would be to signup for it, we would here be discussing signing up and setting up Cloudflare free version. To sign up go to Cloudflare, and then signup, it would ask you some person details and details about website, after filling it up you would have to change the name servers to cloudflare, so that the content is delivered from cloudflare rather than your hosting, for that log in to your account from which you bought domain, Bluehost, Godaddy etc. Go to your domain DNS, and in name servers change the nameservers to the name servers that you are told by cloudflare after signing up. And after doing it within few minutes Cloudflare will notify you of your account being activated. Most imoortant thing after this is going to your domain and then to speed, to turn on minify HTML, CSS, JavaScript and also turn on Brotli Compression, and Rocket Loader, go to Caching and turn on cachong also, these 2 setiing should reduce webaite size and add a lot to functionality and speed. One more thing you should do is SSL, which makes your website secure and use HTTPS protocols, this will also rank you higher on Google. Though do it in your less popular hours, for site may go down for short time. To begin go to security and scroll to bottom to enable universal SSL, then in top select security level to full, turn on HTTP to HTTPS also. The certificate take some time to be issued in this perioud your site shall remain down, and all our work at security is over. Now go to page rules and add rule in page and your website address and select rule always use HTTPS. Now go to your wordpress and install plugin Really Simple SSL, and enable it to shift all content to SSL. By this time your certiface should have been issued, though it may sometimes take 2-3 hours it usually happens in 10 minutes. After this your work is done and your website should be secure now.  

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