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Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Travel in the World: Just A List

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By the way, if you have some sense of travelling properly, are you planning a holiday out? But you are on a tight budget and want to enjoy to the fullest. I have a list of countries which will top your mind, your opinions, these are the cheapest nations you can visit by just spending 20$ a day for a solo traveler. This list is not about the luxury travel, it’s about finding your right place so that you enjoy the local traditions, customs, with your true wealthy soul. Not having a right amount of money does not mean that you cannot travel. The person who is passionate about travelling, can manage all his/her things successively and in an archaic way. After having read this list, you will be blown away with your facts of travelling. (NOTE: THE MAJOR EXPENSE IS TRANSPORTATION. In future you will be told that how can you book cheap transportation) So let me start with the whole new guided list: Please mention that this is just a list. Details will be uploaded afterwards….

1. Indonesia- The Beauty of Beaches

2. Nepal- The Himalyan Beauty

3. Bhutan- Never escape the wonderland of dragon

4. India- The Religious Place After all

5. Colombia- The lush-green site

6. Bulgaria- The cheapest European Country to visit

7. South Africa- Time to play with wildlife

8. Thailand- The Most visited place in the world

9. Greece- The value for money city

10. Sri Lanka- Visit the Historical Country

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