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What do you think Shopping will be like in 5 Years? Online vs Offline Shopping

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In present time, I have been seeing a lot of advancements in every aspects of technology.

Especially, if you look in the matter of shopping whether it is offline or online.

I believe that shopping online and offline has a distant difference. And in the coming times also I believe there will be a huge change.

But, ‘Huge Change’, How?

First of all, I would like to have a part of blog session of future offline shopping. Shopping from near by stores, markets, has changed a really a lot and it’s continuously changing. In India, we are having a lot to save on offline market in compare to online market. Many stores now are fully equipped with A.C. But not that much. In India I have been watching from past 3 years, there is a good ration development in online market as compared to offline market.

But in India, many people prefer offline over online market. But this will turn over in 5–7 years.

Shooping in India after 5 years ir so will be drastically changed. Many case studies have shown the percentage of different people according to their different interests.

If you are looking forward to start something store like, you must start with an online store.

E-commerce shopping in the near future will be something that everyone will be going to follow.

We will be able to buy anything we want and at our doorstep.

Drone Delivery will take over human delivery.

There will be everything technological. Drone will deliver your ordered products.

The delivery time will be reduced with this technique of drones.

So these were my expectations about the future shopping.

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