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Milyin | 11th July, 2018

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Milyin just recently had a recent redesign or if to be termed better a term change. Milyin renamed stories as Creations and Authors as Content Creator. For we believed Author and Stories did not sound good. Also some people confuse it with Instagram Stories. As a result we decided to rename it. Renaming is almost complete, untill we found some flaws. Also #Milyin now supports as you can see hast tags. These tags can be clicked to see all posts having same hasttags. Also we can tag people in a manner similar to twitter write @ and then username for example @milyin clicking this will take you to profile of the respective person or Content Creator Profile, Milyin is in this case. These are few improvements that make the user experience better, and make creations better. And for now we can call you Content Creator rather than Author. Milyin has now over 30 Content Creators or CC’s, 5,000 views and a lakh words, written in 50 days. We are writting on an average 3 Creations a day, and work to improve it, with really less time for which Milyin remained down in pass few days. We are at present trying to reduce plugins and combine codes as much as possible to insure lesser requests. We score now around 90 at Google Page Insights right now which is pretty awesome.


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