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SpaceX’ Next Launch: From Israel Off to Moon

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Israel the country that never had much hold in Space, is now betting big in it. State’s very own Israel Aerospace Industry and private company Space Israel or as called shortly SpaceIL are planning to launch a mission to Moon. They plan to launch a vehicle to land on Moon in December, that would go through SpaceX’ Falcon 9 rocket. The space crafts is supposed to cost around $88 Million. If successful it would be the lightest space craft to make a lunar landing, also it would make Israel 4th country to reach Moon. We have a period of 30 years of drought in landings on Moon. Last landing was around 1970s. Recently US president Donald Trump released a whoppping $900 Million fund for moon missions in future. SpaceIL like SpaceX is a private company, and was one of the contestant for Google’s dropped LunarX competiton. Their are many challenges including the lower fuel capacity for it has less size and weight as less 600 KG. Unlike Bigger crafts that burn a lot of fuel, this craft will use a for passive method. The aircraft is supposed to be 1.5 Meters in hieght, and 2 meters in diameter. It is expected to travel at 10 kilometres per second. It will burn roughly 75% of fuel by time it lands on moon. It would way about 180 kilograms at the time of landing.

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