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Dear Old Love…

Dear old love, I’m old now. My love is old and wrinkled too. The memory of you has faded and don’t quite remember little things about us. There are so many of you that the memories get jumbled. I spend hours finding which memory belongs to whom. And then it dawns on me that all of them belong to just one person. Me. I think of you when I’m just about to sleep and my talkitive mind shuts up after a day of banter. {Though my life is a continous loop of “ye kya kardiya maine?”} But when my eyes don’t know what’s more dark and silent the night, or the night within my eyes? When I’m out of words but still, I feel I’m inside of a story. I think of you, when I’m not thinking. When I sit down to write, I am mostly clueless. I start to scan the almirah of memories I have and pick and choose moments that make the cut. What makes the cut, you ask. Well, moments that are not dramatic, that are simple, personal and memorable. All I know is I was writing all through when we were together and it’s only now I know why. So that I can remember. Not you, but love. It’s been a while. On days when inspiration Ebbs more than it flows. I need to remind myself to look into the mirror more often. The writer in me however can’t take how miserably I failed and comes here to write these words. No match. I used to feel like my side of story needed to be told to keep the facts right,,,,Now I don’t care what you choose to believe! You think no one can fix you but don’t know some prayers are powerful and some souls know magic. And that beautiful soul is no one else, but YOU, only you! If you have to be heartbroken, break your heart in full so it dies with the dying love and the new heart grows in its place. Nothing is more painful than a half-heartbreak.  As, broken can be beautiful too….!!

Aasman m chamakte hue taare to ham roz dekhte hain, lekin sirf kisi tut te hue taare ko dekh aankhen mund ham sapne sekte hain.

Kuch cheezo ki keemat unke tutne ke bad badh jati h,,,,,jaise dil, rishte or un rishton m uljhe logon ke dil.

In Japan, there is a art of kintsugi. Where broken ceramics are put back again, their cracks are filled with gold cements to remind you, remind me and all of us that broken can be beautiful again. To remind us, that memories may fade but don’t be afraid to remember. To remind us, that even though the heart moves on, does it really really forget???

M nhi janti tutte hue tukdon ko kon jodta h, lekin itna jarur janti hoon ki thand m thithurta vo aadmi aaj bhi fati hui chadar kyu oadhta h. Kyunki vo chadar aaj bhi usse apni yad dilati h, vo chadar aaj bhi khud ko khud se milati h.

Do tutte hue log bhi to ese hi milte h, sans lete hue, sans dete hue. Phle juda lejin fir sath bhi to chlte hain. Sath chlte h lekin es dar se ki khin vo ek bar fir tut najaye. The fear of hearing or say yet another goodbye. Lekin vo musafir bhi kya jiska sach  m koi ghar na ho.agr safr pe akela chlna bhi pade, to ek thandi sans to andar khincho,,,,agar aaj tute hue ho to kal shiddat se bikharna bhi sikho!

Apni fati hui chadar fir se oadh lo, sidhe raste pe bhoot chal lie aaj khud ke liye ek mod lo. Jazba rakho to shi, kya hua agar tut jaogye fir kisi din uthke yeahi to kahoge, “I did it all over again”. So my dear readers, repeat and repeat it over again that you’re broken and broken but Beautiful.And beautiful is strong enough to be broken again.

You are a cascade of love flowing inside you. Find the bravery to let the love spill into what you love; even if the others don’t see what you do. The waves don’t don’t ask permission to reach and kiss the land. You weren’t born to lose yourself within this darkness. You were born to rise, to shine, and thrive. You were born to live, to give, to love, and to be loved.

In fact nowadays, no matter what you do, someone will always criticize you. So, you might as well just be yourself. #Love yourself and just love yourself more!!! Thanks          

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  1. Listening you Dear

    Ha ye to hai ki tute ek alag andaaz mei khoobsurat hote hai pr ye bi sach hai ki tute agr khud judee to time lgta hai ….. Sama or samay agr kisi or ka ho to khoobsurati mei bhi char chand lg jaate hai .. Zaroori nahi jo jode wo malik bnjaaye …. Zaroori to sirf ye hai ki jo tuta hai jo bikhra hai wo fir se muskura kr khil jaaye … Zindagi to safar hi hai tootne or judne ki …. Chaahe dil ho ya rishte…. Agr tootenge nahiii to behtar kaha se milega … Pathar tootenge nahi to moorti kese banegi❤