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And here the new phase of Siya’s life begins, I’m not getting what to comment here fortunately or unfortunately. After she became quite comfortable with the atmosphere and people around she decided to continue her journey at the place. Here comes new characterized boy(Neil) in the story. And hence its the, ‘Beginning of the End’. Yah, literally i wish Siya would have not introduced herself to the boy and could really stop the happenings in near time that were really undeserved and unpredictable. But that really not happened. Both of them were indulging in each other’s conversation on each passing day and hence developed a bond too. As the time passed it became really harder for Siya to deal with the mentality of the Neil. As he can’t take it when Siya was much more happy and feels that freedom that was her’s only with some other guy, Tarrush(her classmate only). Siya really opposed that and was out of her wits when Neil somewhere even started giving so called tags to that pure relation/bond which Siya and her classmate were in. And hence really wanted to stop all type of conversation with him in order to avoid any further issues. It’s known by each of us that whatever is pre decided to happen in one’s life, nothing could ever stop it at any cost. Don’t know what to say, why don’t Siya carried courage to end up everything as soon as she could. Can’t say what’s going on her head, or the circumstances, conversations, God knows what stopped her from doing the same. At this time, i really feel Siya was a flotish fellow Or can really say that to top it all she was really disturbed and all alone in admidst of various problems from which only she can drag herself out. Because with each passing day the thoughts of Neil were becoming rude and even unexpectedly radiculious. The biggest point is that she can’t even disscuss with anyone not even with Tarrush. May be because they were not close to such extent till this point. And the other reason could be she really don’t want any negative influence on that quite pure and real relation. Now, the circumstances begetting problems somehow came to a stand still. Though, those dark clouds were still roaming on her fate. Anyway, she stopped conversating with Neil and made efforts to make him realise that all he was thinking was nothing but rubbish! Although there’s no point in doing the same. As, u can’t change someone who does not see an issue with their actions. What you can only change it the way how you react to them. The weakest point on Siya’s part was that she’s not of kind  to take revenge, speaking they way people spoke to her or hurting someone as se she know how it feels. Rather, her view point was that, there’s no difference left btw us and person who cheated on us, if we also took same path for the bait of revenge. Part 2 ended… #No offence #Fictitious To be continued…..!!    

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  1. Listening you Dear

    Padhaa mene teri fictitious kahani ke har alfaaz ko padhte padhte aesa lgaa ki kahani siya se zyada teri hai ….. Jo zindagi ki nayi kashmakash emi ulajh gyi hai …. ๐Ÿ˜Š akela mt smjhio khud ko ek ajnabee hai jo teri har baat sunne ko ready hai ๐Ÿ˜Š