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Steve Jobs in Developing iPhone: The Journey is The Reward

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iPhone is probably not relevant in 2018, but it was so in 2007. On 29th June first iPhone shipped and it changed the defination of phone and mobility, as Steve Jobs said, “We are launching a touch iPod, revolutionary mobile phone, and a internet communication device, are you getting it these are not 3 devices, they are one and we are calling it iPhone” Most of us know the journey of iPhone after 8th January 2007, the day it launched but the story behind it is the untold one. Steve Jobs was a visionary, at the time of Apple || he could imagine a PC of size of notebook, which was far from anyone’s wildest dreams. In 2001 he started working on Macbook and product of same idea, which later became iPad. But we know that iPad launched 3 years later than iPhone in 2010. While working on iPad screen prototypes Steve Jobs realized that he can make a phone with this technology. The iPad project was put into book shelf and work started on what would become a iPhone. He for navigation in iPhone, made 2 development teams, one was given the task to build iPhone with the iPod style scroll wheel, and other to make fully functional touch screen user interface And the history is history Steve Jobs took the second teams development and made it the iPhone. Apple at that time named their operating system as iPhone OS, which was later shirtened to what we today know as iOS. Almost every decision took for iPhone was right other than App Store. He believed Web Apps were the future. And therefore only the stock apps existed there. Later though in time of iPhone 4 launched was the iTunes for managing the same. Later after the launch he went back to his first project the iPad and the Macbook Air, launched in 2010 and 2008 respectively.  

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