3 Step Market Approach For New Marketers


A marker approach is always required to promote your business. There is no benefit of your business if you can’t let people know about it and ensure that it grows bigger.

Here comes into play the 3 step marketing approach for new beginners. This approach ensures that you can grow your businesses without requiring much capital.

When a business is knew, there is always a shortage of cash. And we find it difficult to have some money left for marketing after we put the money to setup the business. The 3 step marketing approach for New beginners ensure that you to grow high.

The first and the most important piece of the puzzle for big and successful business is data collection and analysis.

Step 1: Collect Data | 3 Step Market Approach

Data is the key. Each and every business needs data to optimize and improve there business. We saw with Cambridge Analytica and we saw with Facebook Data Breach. The data is really valuable, infact the most valuable asset.

Data and Analytics are really important, if used wisely the statistics you collect can be turned into wealth. The audience of a business determines every aspect of it’s marketing messaging and approach.

Some people leave it just because it is boring, but remember it may or may not be directly useful, but it can help you in improving other components of your business and is the most important step of 3 Step Market Approach For New Marketers.

Take this for eg. A ecommerce clothing brand may want to increase traffic coming to it’s site. Upon starting to collect the data and doing analysis, they realize that a 17% of there total audience is women. This data can be really helpful. If they start putting more useful apparel for men, can bring more men and therefore increase audience.

Take another example of a travel Agency, that specializes international tour packages. Analytics tell that there is a increasing demand for tour packages for China. If they start marketing and efficiently promoting there tour packages to China, they will definitely generate more income, and this is how the first portion of 3 Step Marketing Approach for New Marketers Works.

You should collect statistics of what the people engage with, the age, gender, nationality of the audience of the people.

You have to do a lot of experiments and A/B testing. A/B testing or After/Before Testing means doing small changes in organization for over a period of time and analyse which one is better for you.

Quantitative input:

• Product size, color, speed and weight

• Price, warranty, terms and conditions

• Delivery and service

Qualitative input:

• How and why the product or service was purchased

• Where it was purchased

• A product’s look, feel, design and packaging

• Preferences of sales and marketing material

Step 2: Focus on Perfectionism | 3 Step Market Approach

You should try to work hard and perfect each and every thing. The small changes and improvements make a massive shift over time.

With data find out which field generate lot of interest but have little conversions or the fields which have low interest but high conversion. Such fields are raw opportunities, these opportunities need to be perfected.

You need to be a yardstick of perfection, some people are not used to it, but you need to set the bar very high in order to ensure to improve stuff and reach the pinical of success

Try to find every thing that your brand or organization lags with, or has need for a feature. Develop it, this Second step of the 3 step market approach for new marketers.

This 2nd step, creates and improves user experience, this will have happy customers who will leave better reviews making your business better. More over a happy, satisfied and fulfilled customer will go and spread word of mouth.

It is a better approach as it doesn’t cost much, but the spreading word of mouth ensures that your business develops a perception, becomes popular and generates more customers, leading to more net profit.

When you’re hoping to find something specific, like cheap running shoes, everything else becomes part of “grey mass.” You’re only going to notice what you were hoping to find.

Testimonials are another effective way. Testimonials or reviews will be a proof of what or how good your business is, and thus will create better conversion rate for you.

Step 3: Bring Out A Value and Purpose | 3 Step Market Approach

Ever wondered why people criticize Apple, for not making good products any more but still they get high profits, the 3rd part of 3 step Market Approach For New Marketers. The first 2 parts were to establish your business, and create a foundation. Now this part takes your business to new heights.

The reason why Apple if a highly profitable company is because they sell a believe and a purpose. Apple always believes in Thinking Differently.

And they don’t spend much on marketing, yes they use billboards, yes they have ads, but if you have closer look, they never use Facebook and Twitter for marketing. They don’t have many ads, but they use newspaper ads and YouTube.

Apple presents a believe of Thinking Differently, and they try to innovate and be creative by trying to make each product different from another. People who believe in same join Apple, and buy there products even if they are not best.

Decide the cause and purpose of your business and market the cause. Your passion will take your business to great heights. Just present your ideology. Apple’s ads never say more powerful or more cost effective devices, they just show there new device’s beauty and sleek design from

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