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All Movies Delayed Due To Corona Virus

16th October 2023 | 178 Views

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We all are suffering due to corona virus and movie industry is also suffering. Many of the movies have been delayed and this is a list of all movie that are delayed. ANTLERS Uploadscardimage1242706da3a0c57 8344 4b9f 8eaf 515779ccc90a.webpfull Fit In 638x368 Old date: April 17,2020 New date:TBD ARTEMIS FOWL Old date: May 29,2020 New date:TBD BLACK WIDOW old date: May 1,2020 New date: Nov 6,2020 BLUE STORY Old date: March 20,2020 New date: TBD CANDYMAN Old date: June 12,2020 New date: Sept 25,2020 DOCTOR STRANGE 2 Old date:May 7,2021 New date:Nov 5,2021 THE ETERNALS Old date: Nov 6,2020 New date: Feb 12,2021 FATHERHOOD New date: Oct 23,2020 Old date: Jan 15,2021 FREEGUY Old date: July 3,2020 New date: Dec 11,2020 THE FRENCH DISPATCH Old date: July 2020 New date: oct 16,2020 F9 Uploadscardimage12425389e25e9cd 63bc 4d3b 8322 68bf5de5e41f.webpfull Fit In 638x368 Old date: may 22,2020 New date: April 2,2021 GHOSTBUSTERS:AFTERLIFE Old date: July 10,2020 New date: March 5,2021 GREYHOUND  

Greyhound 142654194 Mmed

Greyhound 142654194 Mmed

  Old date: July 12,2020 New date: TBD


Old date:june26,2020 New date: TBD UNTITLED INDIANA JONES MOVIE Old date: July 9,2021 New date: July 29,2022 JUNGLE CRUISE Old date: July 24,2020 New date: July 30,2021 THE LOVEBIRDS Old date: april 2,2020 New date: May 22,2020 Minions:The rise of gru Old date:July 3,2020 New date: TBD MULAN Old date: March 27,2020 New date: July 24,2020 NEW MUTANTS Uploadscardimage12427039d9a54a0 57b1 4d9c A4af Debc56a5393c.jpgfull Fit In 638x368 Old Date: April 3,2020 New date: TBD NO TIME TO DIE

Uploadscardimage1242532183e65ed 889a 4332 840c 0bedc1da103e.jpgfull Fit In 638x368

Old Date: April 10,2020

New date: Nov 25,2020 PETER RABBIT 2 Old date: April 2,2020 New date: Jan 15,2021 A QUIET PLACE PART 2 Uploadscardimage1242535be5b83bc 9f35 41e9 B38e 36e22e9510fa.webpfull Fit In 638x368 Old date: March 2,2020 New date: TBD SCOOB Scoob Poster 3 600x889 Old Date: May 15,2020 New date: TBD SHANG CHI AND THE LEGEND KF TEN RINGS Old date: Feb 12,2021 New date: May 7,2021 MORBIUS Old date: July 31,2020 New date: March 19,2021 SOUL Images (3) Old date: June 19,2020 New date: Nov 20,2020 THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER Old date: Nov 5,2021 New date: Feb 18,2022 TOP GUN MAVERICK Old date: June 24,2020 New date: Nov 23,2020 UNCHARTED Old date: March 5, 2021 New date: Oct 8,2021 WONDER WOMAN 1984 Old date: June 5,2020New date: Aug 14,2020 Read about he LEAKS OF LAST OF US 2 HERE:https://milyin.com/last-of-us-2-major-leaks-reveals-whole-dissapointing-plot/

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