Unexpected release!! A new AMNESIA GAME IS COMING!!

16th October 2023 | 118 Views

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After months of teasing a ” #MYSTERY” PROJECT. Yesterday, we got trailer for a new #AMNESIA GAME. Its titled “AMNESIA:REBIRTH“. AMNESIA:REBIRTH takes place in the same world of DARK DESCENT but instead of #DARK #CASTELit take place in ALGERIA. We play as TARI and in the trailer you can see that tati is being chased by something, we only got to see some glimpse of it. Also in the sandstorm area that was a statue not a person. As usual this is also a first person game and we have to deal with #fear and dilusions. We cannot fight back we can just run and hide. We have to run from thebTHING that is chasing us in desert and deal with our #insatith at the same time. The trailer does not show a lot of things. A crashed plane, some ruins, desert, monsters, darkness and some mechanism that should not be touched. Game will be released in autumn we are hoping to get new information by that time as well.

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Jiten Kumar



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