5G: The Game Changer

Fascinating Faster speed to speed up the internet World!!! Isn’t it fascinating to download movies and games in your computer in a span of seconds? Well, everyone loves fast internet that allows them to surf the internet and download bulky files easily. We at present, mostly have 3G and 4G internet connections that provide a downloading speed of about 1-10 MB per sec. However with help of latest 5G technology, you will be able to download files with the whooopin Speed of 1 GB per sec! Doesn’t that sound amazing!! Let us know 5G is all about and how it shall change our lives for better… 5G is the latest entrant into the sublime world of technology. The world has come a long way from being mesmerised by the ability to send messages through the 2G network to downloading movies instantly and streaming high definition videos with the help of 4G. However, the all new 5G network is all set to change the entire landscape of online world. The higher bandwidth coupled with lower latency will serve as a great asset to numerous businesses, which thereby pave the way to new opportunities. 5G is also known as the ‘internet of things’ for its ability to connect billions of systems all over the world.

 Changes that #5G is all set to bring…


Images 5G is different from 3G and 4G. This is how… It is believed that the 5G network will be almost 100 times faster than the current data speed. What makes the 5G network #so fast? Well, you will be amused to know that it uses the MIMO standard which is quite an old concept. The term MIMO stands for Multiple Input Multiple Output standard and has been improved a lot these days for the use in 5G networks.Traditional MIMO used to have at max 4 antennas, whereas in the 5G networks the MIMOs will have as many as 128 antennas. The greater number of antennas will mean that the data will be transferred at a much greater pace and thus, will ensure #far better browsing speed.


You can change your internet speed as per your needs! As an internet user, you must be awere of the significance of data speed that varies with respect to the kind of task one wishes to perform. But the order Apps, installed on the phone also uses internet data thus, using very high speed data for the Apps which causes a lot of data wastage as the 4G network offers only one cellular data slice. But contrastingly, the 5G network offers customised network slices to the users so they that can make the optimum use of it.


5G will let you play your favourite games while using your camera! Using multiple applications on your phone at time may seem impossible task with the 4G networks. The higher bandwidth offered by 5G will make the usage of #multiple applications at the same time possible. Not only will this feature benefit the mobile users but it shall be great help to medical professionals. Game Changer 5g


5G shall bring a sea of change in the world of virtual reality by introducing the following capabilities:

  • The quick reaction time as a result of far lower latency offered by the 5G networks will be of #Great help in the functioning of remote robotics.
  • The network slicing features offered by the 5G will make a spinning up virtual private networks a cakewalk.
  • Very high #Internet speed will ensure that bulky files are download in a span of second.


The 4G networks offers the latency rates of 50 ms whereas the 5G networks will bring down the latency speed of 10 ms. These are the ways in which the lower latency rates can improve the user’s experience.

  • Simultaneous translation from one language to the other
  • Faster and easier remote service operations
  • V2X Communications


000043429 600x400 C The next generation mobile network exponentially increase the internet speed  through the usage of a larger number of antennas and as many three spectrum bands. It is widely believed that the 5G technology will form the backbone of the #Indian economy by 2035 and contribute at least 35 trillion $ to the economy. However, it may take up to three to four years for 5G to finally arrive in India. Till then let us wait and watch the #Grand arrival of 5G! How excited are you? Thanks for watching my blog…    

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