Ignore Critics: Everyone Has a Clear Vision in Hind Sigh


16th October 2023 | 218 Views

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If you have ever driven on a cold misty morning, then you shall very well have had an acquaintance with fog. Which causes really low visibility.

If you have to go to a place you have never been before, then you can never imagine the final destination in your mind.

And when you sit in car, ofcourse you don’t see it.

We just drive with the next few feet distance visible, and as we proceed the next few feet become visible.

We don’t see the destination in our sight when we start our journey. It’s fascinating that we move towards something which we don’t even get the glimpse for in a major portion of our journey.

We were always taught to have clear goals, and know every move and every situation before starting for the “guranteed success”.

Yet we never do it, in almost all instances in our life.

Rather it is not until that we actually reach our destination, that we actually see it. Even without having the final destination in sight we reach it, because we trust out instincts, experience and knowledge.

But here’s the interesting path, if you reach destination, and sit in the car with eyes closed, you would still have the memory of most of the journey still prevailing in your minds.

And think about your journey from start to end, then you will imagine it a full clear vision. You will in your #imagination, think of places where you took wrong turns, places where your carelessness caused a scratch on your car.

And in your mind, you will consider them foolish mistakes. In hindsight you feel like you could have got it all correct. Our lives are the same, on our way to our goal, we set up dozens of goals in our entire life. And we never see the significant goals in our lives.

We can’t see the final goal clearly (we have a quite vague idea about it).

For example we wish for a promotion in office. We work for it. We know that the results of our efforts would be that sooner or later we shall surely reach our destination, we won’t see it clearly till the day we receive our letter of promotion. And the day you are offered, think and you will realize that there many wrong steps that delayed your promotion, and there were many right steps that took you closer and closer to your destination.

Every one has a 6/6 vision in hindsight, yet only few have clear vision of future. The people who would take risks to explore the uncertain future would be the ones who are rewarded.

We need to try to imagine the future, and don’t worry about mistakes. Because first of all never do we know the exact destination and neither do we know the full path towards the destination in most of the cases. And we almost daily reach the destination without having the full path in sight, and neither do we have the destination visible for long.

It’s Not About Reaching The Destination

But reaching the destination is not the real end of the story. If you achieve a goal which was fairly big, and your success was astonishing, then criticizers enter.

When you work for a big goal, the road is long, and in such ambitious goals, your activities get monitored and recorded. History is a way to live, experience, and explore the events of the past. When these people read, they point out the mistakes that you made.

Like a person at the end of the journey imagining the room for improvement, here there are other people, who experience your journey, thanks to the text, and question your decisions and your intentions.

Many a times, this causes loss of self confidence, you sometimes get depressed, may be your public image gets spoiled and what not. People will even question your intent, and wonder if there may be a secret conspiracy that lead to this all.


As I said, everyone has a 6/6 vision in hindsight, anyone can read history and point out the mistakes that were made in any instance.

But only few are able to see future to some extent, and no body can exactly see the future. These people point out the failures, just because avoiding them seems to be really easy in hindsight.

Never let them over power you, your posterity should not see you with a criminal perspective. It’s a inbuilt wrong in our society, to look in past and ridicule a person, no one understands the conditions there in.

For any mistake, write and document every aspect of it, the conditions, possibilities and what you thought before taking a step. Keep some proofs. The goal is to prove your intent, your mindset and goals. You need to admit your mistake, but you can’t allow them to say it was a intentional conspiracy.

Like killing someone as a self defense, will a murder for some #initially, as a result, know what all you could do. Once you die, the world would be free to write bad about you, and they would need anyone’s permission to a large extent, as a result it is important to give clarifications on time, so as to predict confusion in #future.

To do great work, you need to work in silence and peace, away from the noise of the world, that sees the past, and does nothing about present. You need to understand, that we have always made mistakes, and everyone there would be critics regardless of what we do. Therefore the #wiser decision, shall be to ignore and work to perfection… https://youtu.be/qp0HIF3SfI4

Akarshit Mahajan



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