Na jaane dil ko Kyun tu acha lagta..


Shayari is a way to express human thoughts, romances, and conditions of society in short poetic form. We do embrace the same beauty of literature, and present forth some great content that will help you go deep into the tenets of human behavior.

This beautiful Shayari below demonstrating a heart felt human love, is short in words, but deep in meaning.

Na Jaane Dil Ko Kyun Tu Acha Laga,

Nahi ishq nahi hai tujhse bas ek Sapna tha Jo Sacha Laga….


2020 01 13 19 23 04

Na jaane dil ko Kyun tu acha lagta..

A well written Shayari as it is, before we deep into it’s meaning, let’s have it’s translation in English as well.

Don’t know why my heart liked you,

No it’s not love, it was just a dream that seemed to be real…!

This represents a common situation of quagmire, where a person is not able to comprehend and/or express his hearts feelings.

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Here as the Shayari gives the message, the subject liked a person, and she was sure about it. But then, in the next line, the subject confessed out, that it was not love but just a dream. The subject in the Shayari was in the mystical land of dreams, and it was late until she gained consciousness again to realise that the dreams were distinctly different from reality.

This can represent a situation where the subject loves someone secretly or, it can be that subject has eyes on someone which he would never have, due to the circumstances or the demand of the hour.

It’s true that the magic of a good Shayari lies in hands of few. And the ones who possess this magic, express it like this so that the world can read it,  and learn. We have explained the Shayari with it’s meaning, because the real beauty of Shayari lies in the depth of it’s meaning and integrity


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