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Welcome to another Update from Milyin. It has been 18 months since we started our journey at Milyin. We are really excited to share this update. And also showcase the things we have been working for a really long time. Milyin has been constantly improving with your advices, and we love to hear about your recommendations and advices.

New Home Page

For any site, the home page is always a thing of pride, homepage represents the belief of any site, and gives an intro to the new comers. Our first home page, was good (honestly we love it). But as we grew, we needed to level up our game. A reason why could do this now was, that our web designer had gained enough experience to iterate it. So, here we are, with an altogether different home page. This home page is much longer, has much more information, and we have welcomed many new transitions, and scroll animations, to beautify the page. Let us know How you like the Home page.

1575200386230 Ipad Pro Light

New Home Page


So, Milyin has got a new Logo, for almost 1 year we have had the exact same logo for all our works. That logo was made in a hurry at a really early stage. We now needed a more professional looking modern logo, for which we partnered with our friends at Creativstudio. They have done a really great work. This is our new Logo, this logo, shall be visible everywhere from now on. We had a focus on having a simple, minimalistic logo, that represented Creativity. they have done a really good job, have a look at the new Logo below.

1575200384306 Logo


Cover Pic

The cover pic which appears at almost all of the pages of Milyin, is a good addition, we anyways had to edit the cover pic to accomodate the logo. It seemed a wise idea to make a new cover pic altogether, because why not? So we again trusted our friends at Creativstudio, and they managed to make it, and make versions that looked on light mode as well as dark mode. We are really grateful to them and it’s phenomenol. We believe that we shall always keep experimenting and trying new things. Who knows how the dots connect, and we discover a better version of ourselves. We have brought many changes to the core or our organization, and we believe these things will teach us a lot.  

Lrm Export 327095752018 20191201 171155051

Light Mode Cover Pic

Lrm Export 299016439786 20191201 171126962

Dark Mode Cover Pic

Color Scheme

It had been a process of few months, since the development of all things we discuss here had been developing. While this all was in development, the guys at Creativstudio used a color different from the colors from the colors we used at Milyin. Our iconic blue was not there, but we kinda loved it. As a result we decided let’s change the Color Scheme of Milyin altogether. We therefore now are shifting our Accent color from Blue to a little saturated shade of purple. And it looks really good on Milyin. The site wide color scheme change took place.



New Navigation Bar

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication. The navbar is an easy way to access important pages and tools. We all use it and we all love it. But a month ago, we questioned ourselves, how to fit more pages in the navbar, still keep it small, and still make it really relevant. We got the answer with a Dynamic navbar. The menu items shown in the navbar are decided on the bases of the Page from which you access it. For example, if you are writing a new creation, you will probably refer to the Creation Guide, and it’s improbable that you will reset your password next. As a result we show Creation Guide in navbar. Similarly, if you are viewing our support documents, we will give you links for contact us and our policy pages. This way by hiding irrelevant pages, based on what the user is currently doing, we can make it more relevant, and it is easier to find the right item in a shorter menu.


Milyin has decided to embrace Box shadows, and drop the idea of borders. Our containers in the page will be enclosed in a shadow, which is the replacement to previous borders. It gives more depth, and more materialistic feeling. We are using a translucent shade of our new Accent Color for these Box shadows. Moreover we believe that borders represents sepration. While having shadows, makes every element on the page seem United, therefore we shifted ourselves.

Img 20191201 175730 448

Img 20191201 175730 448

Cause this is a change at our core, we decided to preserve a version of Milyin, at the time just before we rolled out these changed. We have kept it for monumental importance, making it for people to see, how Milyin looked before. We intend to preserve it forever for all people to see it. View it at https://archive2.milyin.com/


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