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For 20 years COUNTER STRIKE players have worn generic outfits in their matches. In game terrorist groups like “ELITE CREW” fights with spec ops groups like SAS. These characters have became the face of CS, but its about to change. “For the first you can unklock new TERRORIST AND COUNTER TERRORIST OUTFITS” says valve on a microsite announcing a new update. “All new terrorist and counter terrorist outfits outfits are availabe as mission rewards.Players can complete mission and earn new outfits. These outfits can are available for any map”. These new characters , mostly eqquipable skins are unlockable. Valve uses rarity to describe these 22 new outfits like ” SUPEROIR AGENT” and “EXCEPTIONAL AGENT”. The highest tier is ” MASTER AGENT” and it contains 4 characters. These character also have special voice lines and animations . SHATTERED WEB new operation in 2 years is $15 while the previous ones cost $6 but those were having new maps. This new operation has new map, character, skins, animations and grafitti cans.

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(Image credit:valve)

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