Survival In 21st Century.. Meditation Is Key!

Survival in the 21st century…MEDITATION IS THE KEY!

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If we ask ourselves “who we are”, most of us might say- we are humans, I am a boy or girl, other might say father or mother etc. But the question remains same- Who are we? Answer is so simple that we all are a bundle of “energy”, which we also know is also known as “soul”. With time this energy needs to clean up otherwise it will become rusted, and in order to channelise this energy we need to purify it from time to time so that we can use this energy in more effective way. In today’s world, we have become like a machine that follows fixed commands. We wake up, brush our teeth, take bath, have breakfast, go to office and so on, and the same repeats everyday.Does it sound familiar? Think for a moment what would you do if you sprain your ankle or bruise your knee? You would either put an ice pack on sprained ankle or dettol on the bruised knee,right? And what about dealing with work stress or stress in our inter-personal relationships, issues related to self worth and many more. Take a moment and reflect, do we have any first-aid to cater to the above issues we face in our life, do we take any antiseptic cream, dettol or ice-pack for these issues? So, what do we generally do? We unconsciously take any easy route and suppress our emotions by just avoiding either the incident or pretending that everything is just fine, but wait, do we ever realise the harsh impact it can lay down on our mental health?   Yoga Meditation Now, if we look at life in 21st century, it has become more materialistic and there is hardly any time for self. If we look at human behavior patterns in our current scenario, our environment make-up is such that we want everything just on a click, e.g. Zomato and Swiggy etc. We can observe all these patterns of instant gratification in our adolescents too, and they are becoming more and more precarious in almost everything. This has become like a vicious cycle. MEDITATION, which is a first-aid for our mental health issues. I am sure most of us have commonly heard of this word,but do we actually understand it by definition, what it literally means? #Meditation is clean-up process for our energy which resides in our body and strengthen our mind.To lead a wealthy life we need to be healthy both physically and mentally. In order to maintain our physical health, we eat healthy food, do exercise etc. But in order to keep our mind healthy we all need to keep our energy clean and that can be possible only by “Meditating” So, meditation is a powerful technique, which can be practiced anytime and anywhere. It helps us develop concentration by observing the natural movement of our breathe. By doing so, we move more deeply inwards to a place of total stillness, which is thrilling and powerful experience for the mind!

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