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Tesla Electrifing The Industry | Elon Week

16th October 2023 | 106 Views

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New Tesla Cars

Tesla was just out of crisis and was working marginally good when, in middle of 2012, Tesla surprised everyone with their new Model S. A $50,000 premium sedan, that could go 0-60 miles in 4.2 seconds. It could seat 7 people if back trunk was compromised for 2 additional seats. Also it had 2 instead of 1 trunks. 1 was like traditional trunks and other was where the engines in other cars are placed. Model S had a built-in communication system, so software diagnostics and updates all happened through it. This helped Tesla roll out new features even without having to touch cars. Model S had an unordinary front looks for the air vents being positioned really low, as batteries were present in base of car. The car had an enormous 300 mile range, and was highly efficient then any other car. They also introduced Tesla Model X late that year which was a SUV with almost all the same features, though Tesla has never focused to much over it


They started its production though it was really slow, 10 cars a week, lead to huge lines of people in wait of the car. There were many customers who complained of inconsistent performance and many other things, like improper functioning of wipers. That was where software diagnostics allowed Tesla to satisfy those customers within few days. Tesla didn’t require much servicing as there were little moving parts, and oil changing was never required for the fact that it didn’t have any. They started making there own charging stations at various places, and called them Super Chargers. They allowed free charging, the network of Super Chargers is growing on, to allow easy travel Tesla repair centers were terrible at that time and were usually really distant. People’s complaints kept building up. Tesla had its own showrooms for selling the cars unlike other companies, people could customize their car via an app and also test drive it. They could pic up their friends and members at family. Another feature of Model S was its huge screen at center of dashboard that allowed controlling whole car and also the car could be controlled by its own app. Tesla had huge demand which it was unable to meet. Tesla price kept dipping. Elon knew survival was difficult, he decided to negotiate with Larry Page at Google. He negotiated for $6 Billion, and some control over production till it became mass market producer. Google lawyers kept dealing for lesser price Meanwhile miraculously many workers who had been asked to get into sales, where able to generate enough cash to need for years. Tesla on 8th May 2013, registered first profit after getting public. Tesla stocked from $30 in may to $130 in June.


Tesla introduced a even great software called Enhanced Autopilot, which as the name suggests is a autonomous driving level 2 system. It can when engaged maintain speed lane, !aintain distance from vehicle in front and behind. It has features like summon, which allow you to bring car to you from parking and also help in parking the car also. This had been rolled out to the Model S and X that time and later to Model 3. Model 3 is there mid lower end price point car starting at $35000. And with almost all same features as Model S. Model 3 has a high demand and Tesla struggles to meet the demand. They announced there Tesla Semi truck which would be all electric, have a center ceated driver, and cockpit like design. Built in tools and software to accomodate. Also with that launched was the Roadster, not the old one… A new roadster capable of going 0-60 in 1.9 seconds and with astonishing speeds.

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