This Year Is Full Of Horros games, This one is the Best I have Ever Seen.

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h THE DARK PICTURES ANTHOLOGY: MAN IN MEDAN is the first of the eight entries in #anthology. It is a #survival game with third person perspective. In this game 4 #americans , alex ,his brother , alex’s girlfriend and her brother goes into a #sea on a boat to find the remains of a #worldwar2 ship but due to a #storm they end up on a #GHOST SHIP. Their nightmares comes true on this ship, it also takes a test of their sanity. Whether they will win freedom or remain stuck depends on the choices. Upto 5 people can play it. Players have to take decisions either by their characters “#heads” or by#”heart” or not to choose anything, these choices also helps to develop characters personality. Players can save all 5 characters or neither of them depending on the choices. These choices also decides our characters behaviour towards other characters. If you roam around the ghost ship you can also uncover the truth about the#tragic incident that took place on the ghost ship and that #information can help to save all 5 characters and you can also find DARK PICTURES that tells about the incidents going to happen in #future. These choices are designed as compass that represents the nautical theme and the molarity of character. It is a great game with emersing story. It is the perfect example of a survival , horror game. The game has multiple endings so everytime you plah there will be a different experience. It can be played multiplayer and single player. It is a very good game and there are 7 more to come so prepare for a scary year. Read more about this years most beautiful game:Most beautiful game of the year is here, delta squad is back, gears 5 is here Read about the Blair witch project:Get ready to experience Blair witch project through first person view

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