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From Survival to Success | Elon Week

16th October 2023 | 116 Views

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Postponing Bankruptcy

With Bankruptcy on the verge, Elon did calculations just to realize, only ine company of the Tesla and SpaceX had chance to survive. Elon was hunting for investors for Tesla, he pursued Larry Page to out up 50,000 USD, and Bill Lee had also put up 2 Million USD. Many Tesla employees also wrote checks to there companies to keep it running. Elon loaned 20 Million Dollars from SpaceX to fund Tesla. He sold the shares he had in Solar City. He got $15 Million from sale of data center from a company of his cousins in which he had invested. They were just merely postponing the bankruptcy. He approached Vantage Capital Fund Partners. Meanwhile Rumours came up, that NASA was planning in $1 Billion, plan to put up for resuplying the International Space Station. Elon attended many events and interviews to popularize SpaceX and insure they could get a bite of that Billion Dollar.

Problems Solve

Though soon they realized that NASA themselves were considering SpaceX as the biggest contendor for it. Elon was wandering with his brother Kimbal discussing problems, just when the shock arrived, NASA was investing 1.2 Billion dollars in SpaceX. Elon bursted into tears, that was the time of Christmas, and he didn’t even thought till that time to buy a gift for Talulah. He went running in the street and from the only shop that was open, bought those don’t see evil, don’t hear evil monkeys. Elon had now got to focus on 12 launches contract they had got from NASA. These launches would be done by the Falcon 9, that was there best at that time, though now it is Falcon Heavy. Falcon 9 has a rocket 9 rockets. A rocket in center and i others encircling it. The team at SpaceX also kept growing and day-to-day tasks kept getting difficult. Gwynne Shotwell, the present COO, who was president that time took up those responsibilities. She was an employee no. 7 kind of person and helped Elon plan his day. She also started talking to employees and keep track of works at ground levels. Now Gwynne is COO of SpaceX and has one of the most valuable jobs in company, she gives many interviews and even gave an interview at TED. The Falcon Heavy rocket which carried Elon’s own Tesla Roadster is the mark of their power. The Falcon Heavy launched February 6th, 2018, and is the most powerful rocket mankind has ever seen. The wonderful designing that SpaceX does came into roll into Falcon Heavy also. 9 Merlin rockets that powered Falcon 1 were arranged in Falcon 9. And in the Falcon Heavy they are 27 such rockets. Instead of making newer rockets they arranged them. And not to forget the Falcon Rocket beats it’s next most powerful rocket Saturn V by the Factor of 2, which is awesome. They plan to get to mars not even with Falcon Heavy. They are bringing up BFR or Big Falcon Rocket, which would be by far greater than the Falcon Heavy.


Elon also plans to change the way we communicate. With SpaceX starlink. A constellation of satellites that would provide network services to remote locations in world also. Recently 2 Satrlink sattelites were launched and were tested by providing internet services for a short 2 hour period. Even though the Falcon Heavy has been tested. The bread and butter rocket for SpaceX is still Falcon 9. They have ambitious goals, they target more than 1 launch a month

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