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Yes today’s topic is very real. It is one of those India’s myth that ruins the psychology of many #teenagers. But something has to be done in order to purify it. Yes it’s only a myth. And proven by many scientists. So from now whosoever wants to go to the gym can freely move into it. Taking many examples of people who started gym at the age of 13-14 years have attained a good height. Rather sitting at home, playing games one should try gym at least for 2-3 months in beginning. Exercise is never harmful but its wrong application can leads to severe damage.  That’s why it is always guided to go to a reputed gym where professional trainers can help you with your exercise. Weights15 There are many exercises which will surely stunt your height growth, for example:- Romanian Deadlift, Sumo deadlift, Low bar Squats, Over head Press and other such exercises which create pressure on your disc.  And wrong doing of many exercises will also do the same. Many parents also fear this myth, but to kill the fear they should once visit to a gym and have a word with the trainer. Tips For Better Pullups Image Now a major part of #gym that is ‘#weighttraining‘. Which fears a lot if people. But actually proper guided weight training help in increasing height. Behind it is pure science. Actually there are growth plates which helps in increasing height, but during weight training a little pressure is exerted on them and they get contracted. Due to this when your body sleeps than they relax a lot than normal which increases height. That’s why you need to rest properly. So as to relax your body properly.
This will not only lead to increase in height but leads to development of th whole body. Depositphotos 177495400 Stock Photo Teenager Engaged Power Fitness Gym Now the one and only thing that can help you whatever you want is the diet. Maintaining a proper diet is the most important factor for overall development. It’s is only thing which will helps in increasing height, muscle development, mental development in the gym. For this to you must inquire your trainer or a dietitian. After maintaining your diet for some time you will see changes in your body. It will also keep you healthy and fit. Maintains the metabolisms. Wdfap Shane Dl Going to the gym has many other benefits. Like during teenage there are many problems going on which leads to frustration and other problem. Gym helps you tackle all this. Keeping you mentally fit. It builds your confidence which helps you for whole of your life. It helps in overall development of a person whether big or small. so at last one can go into the gym without any fear of the so called myths. Thank you for reading and till next creation stay happy, live your life and be safe.    

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