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The Evolution of Humans is Now In Your Hand!!!!

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Ubisoft #announced its new #game” Ancestors the human kind Odyssey” in E3. Now the game is going to #release on 27 august, 2019. The game is all about #Evolution. Player takes control of a ape from the clan of apes, #role is to survive and advance. Player van develop #skills like healing from medicinal plants, weapons and many more. Game takes place in a #prehistoric African forest, its an #openworld game in which players can #climb any #tree from the whole forest but there bones would get #broken if they falls. There are a lot of #dangers in the forest as well , there are giant birds , poisonous #plants and many more but with the abilities of a #primate players can defend themselves. If the player dies he will take the role of another ape from the clan. If they find a lost primate they can #recruit them into their clan. We can develop more skills that help us to evolve like standing on two legs, making sound to gather other member for #hunting. In night when the ape falls asleep we can upgrade the skill tree. Its a very good game which tells about the evolution of humans. Its a expected to be a 50 hour long game which will tell all about the million year old evolution. Its made by the creator of famous game assassins creed:brotherhood. Ancestors:the human Odyssey is a openworld game with great graphics and lot of stories to tell . it tells the true meaning of “survival”. Whenever your ape sense danger he will start to #” scare” and if not saved then he will enter a more dangerous state. Its a great game worth playing. Read about the most beautiful game of this year:Most beautiful game of this year is here,delta squad is back , gears 5 is here Read about the best horror gameThe most horrifying game

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