YouTube not Afraid of IGTV, attacks Twitch with paid Subscripition

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Just recently Instagram introduced there platform called IGTV for videos. Instagram probably wants a bite out of whole pie that YouTube owns. But YouTube is not bothered about it. YouTube will rather focus on Twitch, the amazon owned live stream  platform, rather than IGTV. Twitch has it’s own subscription system for live-streams. YouTube will now implement a paid subscription system. This would allow channels to give some goodies to people who “Join” them. Youtubers with more than 100,000 subscribers would be able to set up this monthly subscription to provide users perks like emojis, exclusive content, merchandise, discounts etc. These features, that allow more sources of income have been demanded by YouTubers such as Casey Neistat, Phil DeFranco etc. This would be available to all big YouTubers, allowing them to sell there merchandise directly over there. This is done after people got angry, when YouTube changed it’s monetizing rules, and left many small YouTubers simply dreaming for income. This was termed by many as “Adpocalypse”

YouTube’s position

YouTube has 1.9 Billion, and ya… it’s a Billion with a “B”, monthly active users. It is next to impossible to move YouTube from it’s position, but change is the only constant. YouTube knows that if so many platforms backed by multi-billion dollar companies are coming up. There thrown can be in danger in future. Remember Google Plus? Me Neither. Google was never able to develop as a full social media platform, but acquiring YouTube has been wonderful decision. They won’t let it go down, as it is one of the major source of revenue. YT has been in knowledge of this. Recently YouTube headquarter witnessed gunfire by a civilian, that was controlled but this fire would be more difficult to control. Twitch is I believe only threat to Google because, all other platform are a leisure time based, whereas Twitch and YT, are for full time professionals who want to earn money, or pursue there passion, rather than post a video or 2 and forget about it.

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