How Can We Improve Education System In India

How Can We Improve Education System In India

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Education System in India is broken since years. We value marks more than knowledge. And the idea behind studying in India is to just get good job. The Education ever since our ancestors was made for the cause of knowledge.

Had our ancestors seemed jobs, we won’t have had the greatest discoveries and inventions. Steve Wozniak the Co-Founder of Apple, very well stated, that Success in India is about Studying, Getting Good Job… where’s The Creativity.

We want a simple safe job. Job security is the key factor in most Indian families. But let’s understand that To Play it safe means you will always end up in mediocrity.

The Great Old India, will never be same again if we play it safe. Okay, I understand many top CEOs in world are Indians. And I totally respect them. But we work in the noise of others. Working in a company founded by Non-Indians, and vision of someone else.

The educated ones took important positions in the companies that were found by Drop Outs. We need #creativity in the education system in India, to bring paradigm shift in Our lives.

We need to improve Education System in India, so that we create people who want to change the world. People who, will prefer bringing a shift in society. Who will make lasting works that our posterity will remember. Now How Can we improve the education system in India?

This is not very hard, for us to achieve. Almost any time you will ask a school teacher any extra question, reply would be it is not is syllabus.

The idea of present education system in india is to get the maximum out of students. We need to help them discover there interest, there passion, a area in which they do great and can excel, this will create a better environment which would help us with how to improve education system in India

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

So how can we improve education system in India. First of all:

1. Let’s Change Them Syllabus

How Can We Improve Education System In India

How Can We Improve Education System In India

Every heart is it’s own beat. Every student has its own strengths. We need to help our students become more specialized in a particular skill.

Excellence can’t be in everything, you have to have a really well defined goal of life. This approach may be more risky, and may be the ones who are unable to find goal struggle. But need to create citizens of tomorrow.

We don’t want a average citizen, we want each Indian to be a legit scientist, artist, cricketer, entrepreneur or whatever he wants. We need to help them find there love.

The syllabus in our schools are outdates. It’s too old, there are social science books in India with statistics from 1990s and early 2000s also. The point is that knowing history is good, but when we have more up to date facts why can’t we teach them the more relevant things.  

2. Teaching Style

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. ” -Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was the a dropout who changed the industry in such a amazing way. Students in India need to find what they love, so that they can pursue there passion.

A basic level of education till class 5 is fine.

But in order to understand how to improve education system in India, we need to allow students to do the activities of there choice. If a guy, loved painting, we need to help him become a artist.

It’s not easy either, but if he loves what he does, he will definitely do great work. My principle and idea in the 2 points has been, to help students find there passion, and do what they love.

How Can We Improve Education System In India

How Can We Improve Education System In India

3. Clearly Understand The Difference Between Studies and Education

“I Was Born Intelligent, And Education Ruined Me” – Benjamin Franklin

Education is done to seek knowledge, studies are done to seek grade. Education is done to change the world, studies are done to live in this world.

Education can be of any form, even painting is a education, but studies are for definite chosen subjects. In the first 2 points, we helped children discover there interest, and there passion. What if they still want good grades and a job security.

In first 2 points he helped them discover this world, and build there taste. Now if the student’s dream is defined to be studies oriented.

Then how do we improve education system in India. In order to improve education system in India, we need to have some practical reforms, for better experience.

Years back i heard a story of a family who struggled to convince there kid to go to kinder garden. What they did was simple, they got a painting board and spent a whole evening doing finger painting.

The excitation in kid was enormous when he got to know that first day of school had many such activities to offer.

The next day he was up on time, and got ready quickly just to go school. We need to have a motivation for them in order to improve education system in India

4. Let’s Teach Mental Ability, Reasoning And Logic to Students.

Mental Ability, Logic and Reasoning Are Really Important. They teach us how to think out of box. Mental Ability is important, studies and Education gives us skill, but how do you use the skill in a right manner to solve problems.

Logical thinking will help you imagine, everything. In a real world problem, you would only be able to solve the problem if you have logical thinking and imagination to do it.

Where the actual utility of knowledge comes. There must be a dedicated time in schools for mental ability.

This will help them build a thought process and a unpredictable #imagination. Most of the countries in world don’t teach mental ability, that’s why a firmly believe that teaching logic and mental ability is important element of how can we improve #education system in India.

More often then not people debate the importance of building a thought process. And the need of mental ability in how to improve education system in India. I give them one of my Favorite Story about need for thinking out of box.

5. Let’s Have Better Infrastructure And Resources

How Can We Improve Education System In India

How Can We Improve Education System In India

The educational resources around the globe have got upgrades and improvements.

But Indian education system has been more or less the same for ever. We study from books. And i totally agree that books are important.

But a spice up of technology is important. It can be easy for kids to #imagine 3d structures and graphs with use of technology.

Development is when the past and the present both are leveraged to develop the future. The minds of our students will develop when we use conventional and highly proven books along with technology.

We can have outdoor experiments and fun activities for students to better understand. This is how can we improve education system in India.

“I hear and forget i see and i remember i do and i understand”

6. Impart Practical Education For Utilitarian Value

Practical Education with Real World relevance is important. We must separate out noise of useless with the useful. It’s good to know why a king failed, or what wrong policy decisions lead to failure of the #government, or the battle that Ashoka, the great lost.

But does it matter what year did he loose. Absolutely not. We are taught the no. of soldiers they had, and various other things. These things won’t have practical use.

And more often then not, we forget most of it within the few days after the exams are over. Our books should majorly be based on the present day world.

I totally agree that we need to know that past, because we can’t connect the fire looking forward we have to look backward to connect the dots but in order to understand how to improve education system in India.

How Can We Improve Education System In India

How Can We Improve Education System In India

How To Improve Education System In India By Hiring Better Teachers.

The teachers in India, are not in very well paid employees. Most of the teachers in schools, are not very well qualified. That’s why people usually trust coaching institutes which have much more qualified and talented teachers.

The problem is not qualification, the problem is knowledge and ability to teach. Not every learned person is a good teacher. You need to have that ability to explain perfectly so that students understand.

The education System in India, has toooo much of #syllabus, making it difficult for teachers to keep themselves on track, besides the trouble to teachers, this also causes less time for students to asks doubts.

More often then not, teachers ignore the doubts that are not fully into the syllabus. This system is restricting ourselves from gaining #knowledge.

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