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What is Wrong With Google Search

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What’s Wrong with Google Search, the post popular search engine in world. The engine that people trust to get any information that they want.

No doubt Google is the best search engine in the world. And when we sum up many other services like gmail and youtube, Google becomes amazing.

But today we are gonna discuss what’s wrong with Google. Now Google is still pretty amazing, but today we point the places where Google still lacks, after years into existence and maintaining its its throne.

The other day I heard about some rumours regarding new various species of apple fruits. As a result I opened Google. I simple searched “Apple”, what i got was totally illogical.

The first 10 results were about “Apple the Company” It was at this point i realised what is wrong with Google. They show me results of Apple (iPhone one) rather than Apple (fruit one).

This is what is wrong with google. Google shows results on for a keyword based on various SEO factors including page views. But this means that many synonymous words get neglected.

Now we know What’s wrong with the Google? But What’s The Solution?

Should Google replace the results with the Apple Fruit. Well then i would be happy, but then there some iPhone fans.

The search results would become irrelevant for Apple fans.

Therefore in both the cases either of the 2 groups remain alienated. And if you think this is something specific, to just Apple then you are wrong.

I tried the same thing with many other keywords. I noticed that lot of results have this trouble. I am a #ElonMusk fan. He is really amazing person. I searched “Elon” on Google.

What Google showed me was “Elon University” which besides name is not related to Elon Musk. What’s Wrong With Google search is, that almost exactly same results are shown to people across the globe. And not everyone would have same interpretation of a keyword.

The result is some people get totally different search results when compared to there needs. The solution is to build Google search ground-up with context in mind. Google needs to serve unique set of results for each person for a keyword.

Google may use Machine Learning to understand interests of a person and put of results for the same. It means that if a love Apple the fruit then show me fruits, but if i want Apple the trillion dollar company, then show me that.

Google already uses a similar system in YouTube, where they recommend videos to users based on what there interests are. And Google shows quite contextual results in Youtube suggested videos. The same magic they need to do in Google Search. What’s wrong with Google is that search results on Google are relevance based.

The wrong with Google should be corrected by showing contextual results. The results that are tailor made to the user. And this is not a Herculean task for Google. Google very well does it with Google Now with latest news and articles based on what person prefers.

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