Is The Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price Justified Size And Configuration

Is the Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price Worth It?

16th October 2023 | 150 Views

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With the recently showcased super expensive Mac Pro 2019 by Apple at WWDC. The question that comes into mind is ‘Is The Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price Worth it?’

Performance You Get with The Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price

Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price has lots of things to offer. The Apple Mac Pro, has a cheese grater like look for a good reason. The holes allow better cooling for intense work and better performance. It is a unconventional move, and it is awesome. 3 fans circulate the air around the powerful Mac Pro.

Is The Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price Justified

Is The Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price Justified

#TimCook and team presented the Mac Pro in WWDC, array of hexagonally tessellated spheres is carved from one side of the aluminum slab and another offset array is carved from the other. These voids overlap to allow air to flow through. This process removes more than 50% of the material, leaving behind a strong structure that is in fact mostly air. The magic that you get from the Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price worth is speculated with 28 core Xeon processors, 56 teraflops of graphics performance, for top of the line configuration .

After Burner

Is The Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price Justified

Is The Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price Justified

Apple has worked really hard to build a state of the art ‘After Burner‘, which is a extra chip, that is responsible for faster rendering time for rendering RAW footage, by reducing the load from CPU AND GPU. The After Burner is amazing, it will be adding additional performance boost that probably no other PC can. As seen in some videos of Mac Pro, the Apple Pro 2019 Price is Worth it, because as stated by Apple “With Afterburner, video editors using high-quality cameras that require the conversion of native file formats into proxies for easy editing can now use native formats right from the camera and decode up to three streams of 8K ProRes RAW video and 12 streams of 4K ProRes RAW video in real time”  this is a really powerful promise. And when after reading about After Burner, I ask my self the question ‘Is the Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price Worth it?’ the answer my soul gives to me is yes. Apple did a ‘Tooooo Much’ thing with the Apple Mac Pro 2019, by making the maximum RAM capacity being 1.5 TB. Yes, The Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price will get you a ability to add 1.5 Terabyte of RAM to the system. It is insanely big. Another Reason Why Is the Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price Worth it, is because unlike the traditional Apple way, this Mac is customizable. The new Mac will give you 8 PCIe slots, and 12 Physical DIMM slots for adding up things and having the power of custom PC built in.

Price and Configuration

Is The Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price Justified Size And Configuration

Is The Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price Justified Size And Configuration

The price of the Apple Mac Pro 2019, (Just For Context) would start from $6k, and the price for top model is yet unknown. Tho people say that it can go as high as $40k. The Apple Mac Pro is coming in the configurations:

  1. 8 Core (16 Threads)
  2. 12 Core (24 threads),
  3. 16 Core (32 threads),
  4. 24 Core (48 threads),
  5. 28 Core (56 threads).

Each and every version would include good I/O, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, two USB-A ports, and two 10Gb Ethernet ports.

How is Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price Worth It

Well the answer to ‘Is the Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price Worth It?’ is contextual and relative to who you are. Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price, is going to cost you a lot and we know it. But before we jump onto any  conclusion, i want you to focus on the word ‘Pro’.  The word Pro means Professional. Anything pro should not be with general public in mind. A Consumer Buys a Car, A Pro buys a Formula 1. A consumer will prioritise comfort, convenience and cost. And for a probably transport agent, or packaging industry A Truck is better. We can’t say that trucks are useless, trucks are WORTH it. But, for a general customer a normal car is enough to carry his daily utility. Similarly for a person who sends daily emails or at most watches YouTube, he needs a Tablet or a 2 GB RAM laptop. The Apple Mac Pro 2019 price according to many folks is unjustified, specially the fact that it supports 1.5 Terabyte RAM. For a person with Video Editing Work or probably Large Software managment, or a person with multi tasking desk job, you need a powerful PC. This powerful PC would probably cost you $5000 and more. The Mac Pro 2019, price is still unjustified for them But a Pro, or a professional, needs even more. They need the best. They understand that Time is Money, if they can’t get there work done ahead of others then they loose. Here is these professionals for which, each second counts. Take Youtubers for eg. they do heavy video editing. On any new and hot topic, they need to get there video fast and with great quality delivered. They can pay everything because it is a investment. For a consumer, the Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price is a expense, but for a professional the Apple Mac Pro 2019 Price is a Investment. Take this for eg.

A normal can travel with probably 80 mph/ 120 kmhr max speed, and it is a consumer product. A High End Race Car can travel probably 2x faster, but the cost is probably 10x. They pay roughly 5 times more for 2x benefit. Because the cost to performance graph is a j curve, the cost increases rapidly. Similarly a Truck and a Car go. A car can have probably 4 suitcases. A truck can have much bigger things. A truck is not for a professional and a car is for consumer.

What you need depends upon what purpose you use, and are you profession or not. Remember a Formula 1 driver doesn’t need a truck. It is that you need to decide the purpose and then get the ultimate thing. In any race we see the effort and money they drain to improve performance marginally. And that slight difference can be the decider between winning and loosing race. The #Apple #Mac Pro 2019 Price is justified, if the purpose is performance intensive gaming or video editing etc. and you consider yourself a professional for that purpose. Else #MacPro is a really powerful device.  

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