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Oohhh….. a lot off phones by Xiaomi. Why Xiaomi is doing this? Let’s leave it and get to our main point- The Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro. It has been confirmed by the company’s weibo profile that this notch beauty is set to launch on 25 June. All doubts have been cleared by the company regarding the official launch. 1)Will this phone counter other budget flagships? 2)Will this be the first notch display phone by Xiaomi in Redmi line up series? 3)When it will get launched in other countries? 4)What will be the pricing of this smartphone? After every month a new phone is in the market by Xiaomi. Ah we think…. they have a lot of stock to carry on. Also Read Here As the image by the comapany clearly suggests on the poster that Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro will also be in an edition of Fifa World Cup. This surely be a beast phone by the company. We think this phone can make a change in the budget centric smartphones vision. But looking at the rumoured image, it cleaely does not suspects. We actually have to wait for the official launch. But it is truly sure that it will be having the notch with a 19:9 aspect ratio screen. The rumoured image shows what a hectic and weird notch. But these are rumours, not the real one. It is also said that this phone will have a battery of 4000 mAh. It is also officially said that this phone will launch along with The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4. This phone will be sold out in in the Indian market within 2 months of its official release. Lets see what happens. Moreover, the camera of this phone will have the AI capabilities. This sounds great. So I hope for the beat for this phone. But Xiaomi should not release phones after evert one month or the another which creates a confusion for the people. Also Read: Why Xiaomi Phones Are Competing With Xiaomi Phones?

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